The world is getting smaller and smaller. We live in a society fueled by a global economy and connected by the internet and low-cost air travel. People meet and fall in love across continents, and they set up families which transcend international boundaries every day.

Dual citizenship rights, Cross border property and financial assets, international custody issues are becoming increasingly commonplace. Yet these issues are notoriously complicated, the laws are difficult to enforce, and the stakes could not be higher.

We have heard of parental kidnappings, in which one parent takes the child(ren) to another country, and the remaining parent fights for years, at tremendous expense, in hopes of bringing them back to the Singapore sometimes without success.

Being well-prepared, well-informed and well-advised about the divorce process is critical for any divorcing parent, but especially so for those with an international component to their marriage.

We offer timely and cogent legal approaches to cases with an international dimension. We handle complicated multi-jurisdictional disputes in collaboration with foreign counsel where necessary, to ensure that the interests of our clients and their children are safeguarded. We also undertake sophisticated cross-border cases that involve child relocation disputes and child abduction.

In the international arena, we offer -
  • Forum Choice

  • Child Abduction

  • Expat Divorces

  • Mirror Orders

  • Relocation Issues